Kanye West Throws Fan Out Of Yeezus Concert For Slamming His Margiela Mask

Maison Martin Margiela outfit Kanye West for Yeezus tour, face masks

At first Kanye insists, “You can see my face on a Kodak every other day”, but the real reason behind his Margiela face art soon emerged in West’s impromptu rap. “When I don’t have the mask I have to worry about, is my face the right way for the camera? ‘Cos I don’t want them to get the wrong shot,” Kanye confesses, and after those awkward pictures of Beyonce’s distorted stage face emerged this year, we can see why. Left: the tiled mask Kanye launched his tirade in. Photos: SPLASH Behind his jewelled facial accessory, the 36-year-old justifies: “I’m giving you so much more than you can see. I’m actually putting myself at risk every time I say anything on link TV.” READ: Why can’t Kanye West make it in fashion? We’re not sure how the craftspeople behind the elaborate headpieces reacted to Kanye’s less than complimentary rant about the masks.
Full story http://fashion.telegraph.co.uk/news-features/TMG10513691/Kanye-West-throws-fan-out-of-Yeezus-concert-for-slamming-his-Margiela-mask.html


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