Mapping Dark Matter, 4.5 Billion Light Years Away – Space News – Redorbit

Baltimore Ravens Camp Report: Day 3 – ESPN

Large clumps of mass in the Universe warp and distort the space-time around them. Acting like lenses, they appear to magnify and bend light that travels through them from more distant objects. Despite their large masses, the effect of galaxy clusters on their surroundings is usually quite minimal. For the most part they cause what is known as visit the website weak lensing, making even more distant sources appear as only slightly more elliptical or smeared across the sky. However, when the cluster is large and dense enough and the alignment of cluster and distant object is just right, the effects can be more dramatic.

Ray J Charged With 10 Misdemeanors For Last Year’s Drunken Antics In L.A. – MTV

Video evidence revealed the incident that took place between Rice and Janay Palmer, his fiancee at the time at an Atlantic City, N.J., hotel. Rice was charged with aggravated assault, but his participation in a pretrial intervention program allowed Rice to avoid jail time. Further, Rice and Palmer are now married Rice was also fined $58,000 by the league. He now has 3 days to appeal the penalties. If he does serve the suspension, Rice would miss two very important games in Baltimore.

Ray J has been charged after an alleged altercation at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in May . According to TMZ , the Los Angeles County District Attorney has filed 10 charges including sexual battery against the singer for his drunken antics at a bar in the hotel. Ray J was arrested for trespassing, vandalism, resisting arrest and battery for kicking out the window of a police car and spiting on an officer and released on $20,000 bail. The D.A. also reportedly charged him with sexual battery even though police said that the inappropriate contact he made with a woman at the bar that night was incidental. All of the charges against Ray J are misdemeanors: one count of battery, four counts of resisting arrest, three counts of assault and battery and two counts of vandalism.

Running Back Ray Rice Faces Given Two Game Suspension By The NFL

Offensive coordinator Gary Kubiak said Flacco is “fine.” Flacco was efficient in third-down situational drills and connected on long passes to Jacoby Jones and Steve Smith , who remains the most impressive wide receiver in camp. Bernard Pierce , the Ravens’ No. 2 running back, walked off the field with a team doctor with 30 minutes left in practice. The team didn’t know of any injury. Pierce tweeted that he wasn’t injured, but he later deleted the tweet.


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